~ is Paul’s biggest fan

~ has two sons, two daughters, a dog & six hens

~ struggles to find patience

~ surveyed the land for eight years

~ can feel the history of this beautiful old house

~ loved being fat & pregnant

~ wishes she could knit something more than a scarf

~ teaches her little ones at home

~ enjoys camping alone

~ strives each day to just be here now


5 thoughts on “Kaye…

  1. Kaye, I have read all of your blogs and have enjoyed every last one of them, so sweet!! The kids are beautiful, you are a great Mama, love you, XXOO Annie

  2. Just bought some soap from you guys this past w/e, which I love. Noticed the web address on the box and thought “hey I want to check this out find out more about you guys!” I live in the east end of Louisville and want chickens so bad I could cry. Not possible due to being in our own little city, not City of Louisville rules. Anyhow, we decided to teach our younger 2 kids at home this year and it is so cool to see you guys doing all that your doing and taking on the responsibility to teach the youngers at home as well. Way to go! I will be back to keep tabs and to stay inspired.

  3. I found your blog by buying your soap. I grew up in Louisville, but now live in Montgomery, AL. I do get to make an annual trip to Louisville in the fall and found your soap and met you at the farmers’ market. Your soap has been such a relief for me. Most store products exacerbate my allergies that have surfaced just in the last few years. My skin is happier and my heart is happier. I appreciate being able to support you and your family’s efforts be good stewards of the world we live in.

    We, too, have chickens, but no rooster since our zoning does not allow him. However, we truly enjoy keeping our girls.

  4. Hello Brown family I am an old friend and love your products and how you make them.I see all is well will be ordering soon. Peace Ralph Ard

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