A nice visit

When Dustin moved to Michigan in August, he was living in Escanaba, a little town way up on the upper peninsula.  His ship was in dry dock there until about a month ago.

Now the Bristol Bay & crew are back in their home base of Detroit.  Detroit is only a six hour drive from Louisville.  We hope to see him more often now!

I have never heard anything particularly good about Detroit, so I have worried over Dustin living in this strange city, far from his family.  I didn’t know what type of people he was working with or what type of environment he was living in.  All of these unknowns have caused me to worry.

So I was delighted when Dustin had a couple of days off & invited me up for a visit!  It was a very nice visit that put all of my worries to rest.

Dustin showed me around the city.  It seems that Detroit is not so scary as I had imagined.  It’s just a city like any other, with good & bad areas.  He also showed me around the USCGC Bristol Bay & I met a few of his shipmates.  The ship was quite impressive.  It was grand on the outside & the inside was all tiny rooms with low ceilings & levers & switches & buttons everywhere.

And yes, I did make Dustin pose for pictures in every room.

I am still not sure what Dustin actually does.  The Bristol Bay is a huge ship that connects to a huge barge.  In warmer months, they spend days out on the lakes, maintaining navigation aids.  In winter, they work without the barge, cutting ice to keep shipping channels open as well as assisting any boats stranded in ice.  What Dustin actually does on the Bristol Bay is still a kind of mystery.  He tries to explain to me his many different duties, & I really do not understand what he is talking about.  But I can tell from his pictures that he is some kind of a super hero.

We missed Dustin on Thanksgiving, his first away from home.  But I got a call from him the very next day, with news that he was granted a week’s leave for Christmas!  Joy!



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