Catch up

Let’s catch up.

We are enjoying our second year of homeschool.  We are using Sonlight again this year.  Our books are from the first grade core.  We use first grade language arts as well, but I modify it for the girls.  They are reading & writing at kindergarten level.  We use Singapore math, which is just wonderful.  Silas is doing second grade math, a perfect fit for him.  The girls are doing the kindy math & are moving quickly thru so that I think they will start into first grade math this year.

So, when people ask us what grade we are doing this year, I have to say that my kids are first grade-ish because we are kind of all over the place!  Because they are so close in age (only 15 months between Si and the twins) I had hoped to keep everyone together, for simplicity sake.  I am finding that to be less practical.  I could keep them together, but it would be unfair to them.

Piper & Esther simply do not learn in the same way that Silas learns.  The girls need a little more time with new concepts & much more review than Si.  Silas moves along quickly & grows bored with too much review.  Trust me, a bored Silas is not a joy to teach.  But an engaged & challenged Silas is a delight!

So, since we are free to move at the pace that best fits us, I have been playing around with our schedule this year.  I have been doing their math & language arts lessons separately.  They do their copywork independently.  In the afternoons, we all read & discuss our science & history together.

I feel two ways about this new schedule.  First, I love it.  I love working individually with each of the kids.  Our time is more focused & productive.  I’m not bopping from one to the next, Piper & Esther are getting the extra time & help that they need while Silas is not held back.  Without distractions & busy work, Si is free to work at a pace that works for him.  Lovely.

But this new schedule takes more time.  Of course, that is the downside.  We were finished with school by lunch time each day.  Now, school often carries over into the afternoon.  In addition to school, we have a gymnastics class for Silas on Tuesdays & ballet for the girls on Thursdays.  Makes for a busy week.

With all of the other daily life happenings thrown in, I sometimes feel overwhelmed.  But I truly do enjoy myself with these full days.  We work hard & still find time to play!



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