A hopeless little farm

I got Si an ant farm for his birthday back in February.  It took me two months to get around to actually ordering the ants.  When the ants arrived, we were all very excited to dump them into their new home & watch them dig their tunnels & go about their fascinating ant business.

This particular ant farm is made of some sort of weird transparent jelly-goo stuff that serves as both their home & their food (Paul said it’s like living inside a giant cheeseburger).  You plug it in & it lights up, providing a great view of the ants.

A few days went by & the ants built an elaborate network of tunnels.  And that’s about it.  For the past couple of weeks, most of the ants simply huddle at the bottom of the box while a few ants desperately work to chew thru the seal at the top of the box.  They want out.  They know that they are doomed.

Because there is no queen, these ants cannot reproduce.  They cannot fulfill their one & only purpose in life!  So now we, meaning both the Browns & the ants, are just waiting for the ants to die.  Every now & then, the kids check in on them to see if they have died yet.  Good lord, but this is depressing!

I guess I should have thought this thru when I ordered the thing.  I honestly never thought that I would be bothered by these sad little ants.  I guess it’s because there is just no point to this project.

Paul will kill our rooster this weekend & that does not bother me.  Because there was a purpose to his life.  Due to be killed when we bought him, he was granted an additional six months of fine living.  Boss lived well, ate well, had lots of chicken sex & made eighteen wonderful little babies.  And tomorrow he will feed our family.  That is a life with purpose!

Anyway, that was our first & last ant farm.  My advice, if you have a gentle heart & do not want to watch animals (even tiny ones) suffer, don’t get an ant farm.  Next year, we do butterflies.  Because butterflies fly away!


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