The hatch


Lots of babies!

The eggs were due to hatch on Saturday.  By Friday evening, we could hear some faint peeping & a few of the eggs were wiggling a bit.  The kids & I were so excited!

Early Saturday morning, Piper woke me with a whisper, “Mom, can we check the eggs?”  We hurried downstairs to see this:

The first pip.  He popped out about an hour later.  And throughout the day, seventeen of his brothers & sister followed.

Some pictures of our hatch:

By the end of the day, four eggs had not hatched.  We removed the chicks to the brooder & left the eggs in the incubator for another night.  But they did not hatch.

The chicks lived in the closet for a week, before being evicted to the shed outside (chicks make dust, so much dust).

Now we have way too many chicks.  I never expected so many to make it, oops!  We only want six hens out of this batch.  We are giving six chicks away soon & keeping twelve until we can sex them.  Hope we don’t end up with a bunch of roosters.  Speaking of roosters, Boss has served us well.  Unfortunately, his work is done & his days are numbered.

We began with twenty-five eggs.  Three appeared to be infertile & never developed at all.  Of the twenty-two fertile eggs, eighteen hatched & lived.  I hereby declare our first attempt at making chickens…a total success!  We will never buy chicks again.

I was disappointed that not even one of our hens would go broody (By the way, almost everyone I know with chickens has a broody hen right now.  Go figure.) but it actually turned out for the better because incubating our eggs was a super fun project for our family.  Watching the hatch was such a delight!


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