We made our annual trip up to the Newport Aquarium, got the kids in for free, & had ourselves a day of fishy fun.  Last year I forgot the camera.  Not this year!


We have developed a chore chart of sorts.  Small daily jobs for each child.  They each receive a dime a day for a job well done.  Silas, for one, is quite motivated by the cash.  He saves up his dimes & exchanges them with Paul for a coveted two dollar bill.  He has not yet realized that he could actually spend his money; he just enjoys growing his wealth.  The girls don’t care much about the money, but they enjoy their work.  Piper especially enjoys folding laundry, in her own unique way.


Speaking of Piper, my sweet-as-sugar girly girl is becoming more girly every day.  She wants her nails painted, she wants her hair big, she wants to wear makeup, she wants all of her outfits to include sparkles & ruffles.  I have never been a mother to a teenage girl.  I am terrified of what the future holds with this one.

Last fall, our friend Coury did a photo shoot of my little ones at the park.  It was the first time they had been professionally photographed.  He got so many great pictures, so many.  But this is the picture of the century.

Ack!  Love love love!  I die every time I look at this picture.  Yes, I am a bit biased, but good lord they make my heart melt.  Must get this one framed.  Thank you, Coury.  And thank you, Piper & Esther, for being mine.  (Obnoxious brag over.)


Dustin swore into the Coast Guard.  When I dropped him off, I asked him one last time if he had any doubts about this.  No hesitation, he was ready.  Well, there is no going back now!  I have put to rest my own doubts & I support him completely in this next chapter.  Although, I still cannot talk about him leaving in June without tearing up.  I will miss him.

And those are a few of our happenings.


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