Worry dolls

Our friends, Tom & Lois, recently vacationed in Mexico & brought back the cutest little gifts for the kids.  Worry dolls.  Tiny little wooden dolls, the size of a match.  They come with a bit of magic.  At bedtime, you whisper your worry to the doll & tuck her under your pillow.  As you sleep, the doll takes your worry away.

Well, the kids loved them.  Even Si couldn’t help but to give it a try.  Each night, my little ones could be heard whispering their worries.  So cute.

Now, when my kids love something, they love it quite…umm…fiercely.  Every last fragile little worry doll was eventually broken loved up.  Luckily, we are kind of crafty.  So we set about making brand new worry dolls.  Bigger, sturdier worry dolls.

Last night, worries were once again whispered.


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