Seuss is very much enjoyed around here, love the rhythm of the words.  One of our favorites is How The Grinch Stole Christmas, read countless times, & they still so often choose it.

The other night, when I had finished the story, I asked each of the kids individually, “And what would you do if you were to wake up on Christmas morning to find that the Grinch had stolen all of your gifts?”

Piper, with a look of such sadness in her eyes, quietly admitted, “I would cry.”

Esther looked determined & pissed off as she announced, “I would find that Grinch & smack him in the head.”

Si simply stated, “That could not happen because the Grinch is not real.”

This cute little moment stuck with me.  Three very different answers to the same question.  Three very different little spirits.

From time to time, I happen upon these moments.  A conversation or maybe just a simple comment that gives me a perfect glimpse into their minds & their perspective of the world.  A snapshot of a personality.

A moment captured.


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