Days of merry making, a Xmas Recap

What does Christmas mean?  In my heart, Christmas is a time to truly appreciate & delight in the family.  The family that shares my blood.  The family that I was lucky enough to marry into.  Friends who, over time & having shared so many memories & laughter & tears, have become family as well.  What could I possibly be without these people around me?  My people.  The togetherness, comfort, joy & love of my family is so worth celebrating.

So that is exactly what we did.

Each year, our Christmas preparations include a lot of making.  Most of that making is done by Paul.  He made some beautiful gifts this year.  A play make-up kit for Piper & Esther is my absolute favorite!  It is adorable.  I so should have had this toy when I was a little girl.

Paul also made wooden tops for some of the little guys we love, such a sweet & simple toy.  As well as knitting needles for a friend.  And he made a big batch of jellies & jams, gifts from the garden.  All of this making while keeping up with a super busy Christmas rush at EarthyBrowns.  Well done, Paul, well done.

Silas did his own making as well.  These little wands for his Princess sisters.

We do our fair share of shopping & give our fair share of gift cards, but we always try to practice some amount of simple, handmade giving.  I think it is good for our souls.  It is all too easy to allow Christmas to become a competitive, stressful, ugly creature.  But only if you let it.  Mustn’t lose the joy.

Some highlights from our Christmas.

We kicked off the holiday by welcoming a new member to the backyard coop.  This is Boss.  He is a big beautiful rooster.

Boss crows in the middle of the night.  The hens accepted him quite easily & he seems very content with his ladies.  Coming from the farm at nearly a year old, I worried that he might be skittish & flighty with us.  But no, he scratches around the backyard just as calm & gentle as the other chickens, simply ignoring my noisy rambunctious children.  So Merry Christmas Boss, you will not be someone’s dinner this year.  In return we expect baby chicks in the spring.  Won’t that be lovely!

The magic of Christmas lives in the little children.  Nothing compares to Christmas morning, after weeks of anticipation, to wake up & rush to the tree & see those stockings stuffed (he came mom, he really came!) & the satisfaction of tearing into the wrapping & the wild excitement of new toys.  Christmas with little kids is just so fun.

It was all fun & games, until the unfortunate ZuZu Pet incident.

Not so bad, really.  It led to a much needed haircut.

As our Christmas break winds down, the kids enjoyed a day at the zoo with their Nana & Aunt Jenny.

I had a fine Christmas, surrounded by the people I love most.  I treasure & adore & celebrate this precious family of mine.

Merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Days of merry making, a Xmas Recap

  1. Oh dear. Please ignore the sound that was me, falling out of my chair, laughing hysterically. I distinctly remember opening Rachel’s ZHu ZHu puppy, and wadding up the tag that said, “CAUTION _ DO NOT USE NEAR HAIR” or some thing of that effect. I thought to self, “Who in the hell would put these things near their head?”

    Feel free to smack me next time you see me, for laughing so darn hard.

    I’m glad he’s none the worse for wear, and I’m sure there’s a story behind it. 🙂

    • You know Si, so you know he stuck that thing in his hair right after I gave a very serious lecture about the dangers of putting it near hair! When I asked him why he did it, he said he ‘just had to see what would happen.’ Oh lord, what will his teenage years be like?

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