Blog fail

Hi there.  Doesn’t it piss you off when you follow someone’s blog & then they rarely update it?  And you’re thinking, What the hell?  I cared enough to click on this thing…now do your part & entertain me!  Umm, yea.

You wouldn’t know it by this quiet blog, but life has been steady plugging along over here at the Brown’s.

We had a lovely Halloween with our two little beauties & a beast.

Someone recently got an extra pair of eyes.

School has been delightful.  It amazes me that we are halfway thru kindergarten & it hardly seems like work.  We spend so little time doing ‘school’ but as I look back over the material that we have covered so far this year, I am proud, really proud of us!  And Si can totally read.  Super.  We are on schedule in all subjects except math, where we are a few weeks ahead (Math is the favorite).  I am very content with our curriculum & plan to continue with the same for next year.

I could bore you with pictures of the kids looking all studious at the kitchen table.  But, actually, this is the best thing about our school…the freedom to just blow off school on a beautiful day & go play…

Now it is only a few days until Christmas, & everyone is beside themselves with excitement.  The gifts under the tree are driving the kids insane, my craft cabinet has puked Christmas crafts all over my house, & eggnog is served with most meals.  Love it.

For quite some time now, the ever skeptical Silas has been kind of doubting the whole Santa/Easter Bunny/every other magical character thing.  I have been avoiding the big question as I so love that brief innocence when little kids truly believe in magic.  But we are raising free thinkers, so when the subject came up at dinner the other night, I asked him, “Si, do you believe?”  His answer, “Well, yes.  Because who else could fly a sleigh with so many presents around the world?  It’s just too much for a regular person to handle.”  He’s a thinker, that kid.


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