The ordinary days

Oh that’s right, I have this blog.  Poor little neglected blog.  My great multitude of readers must surely be longing for an update from the Browns.  So, what is going on inside this home lately?

Lots of ordinary life happening around here.  Nothing terribly exciting, but the ordinary days are what make this life.  The simplicity & gentle rhythm of our days.  There is beauty in it.

We gather round for school in the mornings.  As the season demands it, we often gather outside.

They study people of long ago & far away & they are beginning to realize just how large & how old our world is.  They print each day & each day the letters are a little bit more proper.  They see it & they are proud of themselves.  They consume the math workbooks & Silas sees the world in numbers now.  They create works of art.  Sometimes, we must drop everything because an amazing creature is discovered on the back porch.

See him?

Here is the story to go with the bug.  Silas & I were working on math when Piper announced from outside, “A leaf bug is here!  A leaf bug is here!!”  We all rushed out to examine it, but then Si quickly ran back inside to retrieve his Big Book of Animals.  He turned to the leaf bug page (of course) & asked me to read aloud.  We learned all about leaf bugs, particularly that the males fly & the females do not.  A gentle nudge & our bug took flight, thereby informing us that he was…a male.  A perfect moment.  Learning together.


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