Never enough time.  It seems that if I give my time to one important thing, it must always be at the expense of some other important thing.  It is terribly frustrating to feel like I am never quite caught up, swimming against the current.  My heart knows that my perception is all wrong.  If I do not enjoy the journey, well what is the point?  Yet my mind spins & worries with lists & chores.

I have a stormy soul, always have.  Maybe I cannot change my nature all at once & become a serene creature.  But I can address one small issue at a time & bring myself just a little closer to serene.  Here is one small issue…my dirty house.

Our four-day school week has been very well received.  They love it.  I love it.  But an unfortunate side effect of this new busier week is that it takes up time that I previously used to clean up around here.  Call me simple, but I really do enjoy my job of keeping our home clean & tidy.

A clean house makes me happy.  Teaching the kids makes me happy.  I do not have enough hours in my week to do both things well, or at least to the standard that I set for myself.  A dilemma for sure.

I know that the problem is not actually the crumbs under the table or the fingerprints on the wall…the problem lies in my perception of these things.  I feel that, because I do not have a ‘real job’ outside of the home, that I should keep this place spotless.  That is my job after all, as a homemaker.  But I am giving too much worry over to this idea of how my home should look.  I honestly need to relax & prioritize.  What is important?

First, we learn.  Next, we play.  Finally, I do need to set aside some time to clean, with the gentle understanding that it will not be perfect.  Let go of perfection & find satisfaction in my best effort.

Browsing the vast internets (when I probably should have been cleaning, ha!), I came across an idea that really appealed to me.  I wish I could remember where I read it, so that I could give proper credit, but I cannot.  Anyhow, it was so simple really, something about establishing a Once-a-Month Cleaning Day (see, capitalizing it makes it more official).  Okay, I can handle that.  Once a month seems like a long time between cleaning days but, honestly, my home isn’t getting any better than that now.  Now, I am just doing it in parts & pieces, a room here & a room there.  And it is never all clean at the same time, which bugs me.

So, why not?  I will give this a try.  Set aside one day each month to clean my home from top to bottom.  Knowing that I have a designated cleaning day will, hopefully, alleviate this nagging feeling of need to clean, maybe tomorrow that plagues me all of the time.  And, for one day each month, my entire house will be clean.  That sounds nice.

Also, my intention is to involve my little kids more consistently in the household chores.  I have neglected this because I just haven’t found the patience for it.  When it comes to the house work, I want it done well & I want it done now, so I just do it myself.  That is not helping to instill a good work ethic into my kids.  I believe that they need chores.  Mustn’t bring them up lazy.  I will find the patience to teach them properly.  Because right now, they make messes & I follow them around cleaning up the messes while nagging at them about how messy they are.  Not a perfect system, no it is not.

Okay then, here’s to a new week & a slightly less dirty house in my future.


ps, Not quite deserving of its very own post, but I really do have to say that the season finale of True Blood was a big fat yawn.  What the hell is up with all of the syrupy tender moments?  I will admit, the last ten minutes almost made up for it, but still.  Next season, I prefer more sex & blood & less cutesy sentimental.  Thank you.

One thought on “Time

  1. Have you tried the Fly Lady method from her book, Sink Reflections? I do a modified version of that and it has worked well for me – 15 minutes of cleaning a day. And I was annoyed enough with True Blood this season that I’m considering cancelling our HBO subscription. Of course I’m probably just grumpy because Alcide kept his shirt on the whole final episode.

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