Tie your shoes & drive away

Silas learned to tie his shoes!  He has been working on this for ages & he is quite proud.  He specifically requested that I take this picture of him pointing at his accomplishment…

When I look at that picture, I am almost more impressed by how sparkly white his shoes are.  Obviously, the picture was taken within the first twenty minutes of wearing the shoes on the day we bought them.  Less than a week later & they are no longer white.  Normally, I never buy anything white for Si, I believe that he actually oozes dirt.  But when we went shoe shopping at Target last weekend, I discovered that our choice of laced shoes was very minimal.  A dozen pairs of velcro or slip-on type tennis shoes & only one pair of lace ups!  And they were obnoxious, with some sort of monster truck redneck theme going on.  So we pop over to Payless & again, bunches of velcro shoes & exactly two pairs of laced tennis shoes!  No one ties their shoes anymore?

Now, I am a big fan of the velcro shoes for little ones.  The girls still wear velcro (although, they are inspired by Si & are now insisting on laces in their next shoes).  When they were younger, I could not have been bothered to tie six little baby shoes every time we went out, what a hassle.  But Si wears a size 13 now & that’s pretty big.  That’s learn-to-tie-your-shoes range, no?  Well, how is he supposed to learn to tie his shoes if I can’t find any lace up shoes?  Maybe if I shopped a little higher end, I would have more choices.  I wouldn’t know because…well, I don’t shop higher end.

So we chose the white shoes over the ugly shoes & he put them on…& tied them!  Just like that.  After so many months of struggling with his last pair…the loop was too small & he couldn’t hold onto it, the loop was too big & would pull that pesky tail thru, his fingers just wouldn’t cooperate & he would get so frustrated.  It was painful to watch.  And then one day & a brand new pair of shoes…& it just clicked.  I love the click.

Okay, as exciting as all of this shoe-tying might be, the greatest happening of the week, the giant milestone, the really big news….Dustin passed the test!!  He is now a bona-fide independent driver!

The poor kid would never have learned to drive if not for my own mom taking the time to teach him.  It’s not that I didn’t want to teach Dustin to drive…well, yes it is actually.  I did not want to teach Dustin to drive because I am a notoriously bad driver.  I’m a nervous driver, yet I don’t always pay attention as I should.  I follow too close, I stop short, I hit the curb, I can’t back up, I speed a little bit & I think I probably need glasses.  And I don’t even like to drive.  So, it was in everyone’s best interest that I step back & allow someone else to teach him.  I am grateful to my mom for teaching him, she did such a great job.  I am impressed, Dustin is actually a good driver!

Dustin passed his test Wednesday afternoon & he drove himself alone to fencing class that night.  It was seriously one of the most surreal parenting moments, ever.  As I handed him the keys, gave some last-minute advice & ‘please, please be careful’, & watched him drive away…I didn’t cry, but my heart broke a little.  I am so happy for him, it is a very big deal to start driving.  I am proud of him & I trust that he will be safe.  But, what is that sadness, as if something is lost?  Oh right, my baby is lost.  He is all grown up now.

All grown up & ready to fly!


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