Kindergarten days

Our days are full.  We work hard & we have fun.  Learning, playing, making, collecting, just being together.  Goodness.

Our days look like this…

I am impressed with Esther’s new & improved attention span this year!  She has always been the first to wander away from the table, but Kindergarten has captured her interest & she is suddenly writing with care, listening quietly, & rarely leaves us before the lesson ends.

Piper has always been so quiet & meticulous with her school work, but this year she seems to have picked up the wiggles.  I must remind her that she can join us for school only if she isn’t bothering others.  I can’t let the girls bother or distract Si because he takes this stuff pretty seriously!

My policy of letting the girls come & go as they please seems to work well for us.  They participate about 90% of the time & usually lose interest during math, which is our last lesson.  This actually works out well, as math is the subject in which Si is far ahead of them.  The girls have their own math workbooks, but I think they learn quite a bit more by just watching & listening to him, as always.

Silas loves his Singapore math.  His favorite subject by far.  He said to me, “Mom, did you know that I can learn all the answers in the world?”  Now, that’s a good attitude!

Looking for a weekday adventure, I arranged for a pony ride.  We were all crazy excited about it!  But when we arrived & they brought out our ‘pony’, it wasn’t a pony at all & the kids looked a little nervous.  Si says, “I thought we were going to ride on a pony.  This just looks like a huge horse!”  Okay, my mistake, I guess it’s a horse ride.  No worries, everyone enjoyed riding the huge horse.


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