Next season please

As expected, Paul & Si had a terrific camping trip last weekend.  It is very special, as the kids are older now, that they are becoming aware of our traditions & look forward to them each year.  This camping trip is a great tradition for my guys!

I long for a camping trip as well, but I have no love for summertime camping.  Too sweaty & buggy for my tastes.  As soon as the weather cools & the leaves begin to turn, we are headed out to the land!

Can you believe that summer is winding down?  Here & there, I see little hints of impending Autumn.  It is a bit darker each morning as I drive Dustin to school.  We have some pretty decent sized pumpkins in the garden now.  And I noticed the Halloween costumes were out in the stores yesterday!

We had an amazing summer.  But I am kind of over it now, & ready for my favorite season to begin.  Warm wool sweaters on those blustery, overcast days.  Watching the leaves fall like rain into our backyard.  Cozied up to the campfire, a glass of wine in hand.  I love Autumn.  Love love love it.


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