A week well spent

Our very first week of Kindergarten was super fun.  You know its kind of silly how I get myself all worked into a worry over this school year.

Some of the things I have been worrying about:

We have spent our entire summer completely school-free & just running about all willy nilly & it might prove difficult to come back into our school routine.

We have been doing make-it-up-as-I-go learning activities for the past two years & switching to a boxed curriculum might feel forced & tedious.

The curriculum which is supposed to take us one to two hours each day might end up taking much longer…which leads to restless wiggly children.

The reality of this week:

Coming back to school work was very smooth.  Fit like a comfy old pair of shoes.  Having developed a preschool routine over the past couple of years, school has become a natural part of our days & everyone was happy to get back to work.

Thru trial & error, I have come to know what works for us, what types of activities my kids respond best to.  I did a lot of research & chose a curriculum that offers the type of learning that we enjoy.  Sonlight is a great fit.  Its like someone took everything that we have been doing already…& got it way more organized than I ever could!

And because it’s all so perfectly planned & organized, we flow quite nicely!  Our work takes us about one to two hours each day, just the right amount of time for those four & five year old attention spans.

So, with our first week behind us, these worries are put to rest.  Guess I will have to find something else to worry about, right?

Paul & Silas went camping this weekend.  Each year in mid-August they take this trip together, just the two of them.  Si always has such a wonderful time!  Some years past…

I hope that Paul is taking lots of pictures this weekend!

With Paul off partying in the woods, I got to take over the market duties.  Now I haven’t been able to spend much time at the market this summer, so this was fun for me.  I had a lovely day!  It was nice to get to know a lot of the other vendors that Paul works with every week.  We have made some wonderful new friends thru this market.  And talking with our regular customers, to hear from folks who love what Paul creates.  I think its super that my husband crafts, with his own hands, something that makes people happy & healthy.  Under the shade trees, selling soap to kind folks…what a great job!

And that wraps up a very fine week.


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