Buttoned up

A few days ago, as I drove by the local elementary school, I tried to imagine taking my little kids there, leaving them there.  And I couldn’t.  Not yet.  Most everyone that we know will go to school this week, & we will stay at home.  I am very much at peace with our decision to keep learning at home for now.

For the past two weeks I have been preparing.  I organized our work for the year.  I sorted & filed our books, made copies of all of our worksheets & copywork pages, familiarized myself with our new curriculum.  I made binders for each of the kids & they made covers for their binders, each with their own name & picture.

Paul made this for Si…

So we have been playing lots & lots of Shut the Box, which is perfect for sharpening those math skills.  I was delighted at how quickly the girls picked it up as well!  We have also been reviewing with our Bob books.  Si is so close, so close.

We have been talking about learning.  About the very important work that we will do this year.  I explained to Si that his important job is to learn all that he can, so that when he is grown he can go out into the world & do amazing things.  His response, “Amazing things…like build a rocket ship & fly into space?”  Yes Si, exactly like that.

So here we are.  All buttoned up & ready to start a new journey together.

Tomorrow is our first day of Kindergarten.


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