Don’t you … forget about me

We went far far away to a lovely beach holiday.  A beautiful time.

During our week at the beach, I had spotty phone & internet service.  A blessing, really.  I read a Sookie Stackhouse book.  How long it has been since I read something fun & silly!

A long drive home.  A few days of unpacking, cleaning, missing the voice of the ocean, settling back in.

And then we got sick.  Me & my computer.  I have some ungodly flu-like thing.  My computer has something like 600 viruses.  I will survive, but I hold little hope for the computer.

Good grief!  I just want to share my vacation.  Hopefully, we will get these computer issues resolved quickly (just heal or die already) & I can sort thru my 500+ pictures.  And properly post about our wonderful vacation…ad nauseum.


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