My journey toward a more natural lifestyle has been one of many tiny steps.  I eat local organic foods…because my husband grows them.  I use local all-natural skin care products…because my husband makes them.  But if left to my own devices, I often give less thought to my choices.

Shampoo, for example.  I probably would have never stopped using my shampoo.  Worked well enough, so I can’t pronounce even one of the ingredients, I just really wasn’t trying to worry about it.  But my skin has decided that it does not like these harsh foamy fillers that are put into commercial cleaners.  My skin is like Esther when she doesn’t get a nap…super sensitive!!  My skin says no.

So my latest step on the journey is a step away from sodium lauryl sulfate (aka the devil), & I have gone no-poo.  You might be thinking ewww, she doesn’t wash her hair.  You are wrong, I do wash my hair, just not with commercial shampoo.  You might be thinking ewww, her hair must be gross.  You are right, my hair is totally gross & out of control.  I understand that when one stops stripping their hair daily, one must allow their hair to go thru a transition phase.  Well, I’m three weeks into this damn transition, & its more like rehab because my hair is some kinda junkie, desperate for a fix.  Ahh, the shame…

My hair has gone thru various mood swings, dry to greasy, frizzy to limp, curly to stringy, you name it.  I tried the baking soda wash & vinegar rinse & my hair just laughed at that.  Now I’m using our liquid castile soap.  That works okay, I guess.  The soap cleans my hair just fine, but needs some conditioning agent.  I tried coconut oil, but I think I used too much & the result was…bad.  It’s just that I have very thick hair, just a ridiculous amount of hair!  So I am struggling thru this, waiting impatiently for my hair to become more manageable at some point.

You know, I never use shampoo on my daughters & they have lovely hair, like this…

But really, the girls do have soft, shiny, healthy hair & it is only washed with soap.  I am holding out hope that my hair will embrace its new healthy lifestyle & stop jonesing for the sulfates.  Or maybe this is just the true nature of my hair, revealed after a lifetime of stripping & coating, stripping & coating.  Sigh…

Now, you might wonder why I am not using EarthyBrowns shampoo.  Only because EarthyBrowns does not make a shampoo…yet.  You can bet that Paul is on it.  I am a most willing test subject.  I suppose our shampoo will be a variation of the liquid castile with just the right amount of apricot kernel & coconut oils.  If Paul can develop a recipe to tame this nonsense hair of mine, I will be very impressed.  Stay tuned, as this is a current obsession of mine, I’m sure I will revisit the topic.


One thought on “Poo

  1. Hi! First off I love your blog and I love your beauty products, my skin has never felt so lovely as when using your soap. I especially love the lavender/chamomile, and had thought for some time that I had been allergic to lavender, but apparently that has changed over the years, thankfully. I think when I next get some money together, going to buy five bars at a time, just so I am not without. Though I will try and go to the Farmer’s Market at Douglass instead, just to save on shipping.
    Anyway, as a comment to this post, I too tried the no shampoo, my hair is thick and sneakily I have more than people think I do. It did not work, however what has worked for me is soapwort, all natural seed, can find the powder form at Patel Brothers on Hurstbourne right next to Shalimar restaraunt, home of fabulous Indian food. I also have a recipe for a conditioner of mint leaves, rose petals, hibiscus leaves, marigold leaves, holy basil leaves. Blend all together to make a sticky green paste with a bit of water thrown in, maybe a tablespoon or so, rub into hair, put hair up for an hour then rinse. Seriously makes your hair glow and is oh so soft.
    Sorry for the long post, but do give soapwort a try, lovely, lovely thing.

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