My guy

Fifteen years ago, I fell in love with this fella…

Paul & I recently celebrated our Annie-versary!  Fifteen years.  I am so very proud to be Mrs. Brown.  What a wonderful trip it has been, the good days & the bad days.  And even the bad days weren’t all that bad because life is just better when someone is holding your hand, when someone is always on your team.

I do not believe in fate or soul mates or any of that.  I think that I was just very lucky to have met this swell guy & very lucky that he chose me.  I am proud of our love because it is something we created together & have nurtured for many years, & it is the foundation of our family.  Unlike the love we feel for our children, the love in a marriage is conditional.  It can be lost, or broken, or it can just simply fade away.  It is precious in that way.

I sure do love Paul.  He works hard so that I can spend every day with our kids.  He is the father his children deserve.  He is strong & he is kind.  He is my friend.  He tells me I’m beautiful, every day.

And I love Paul for the things he never does.  He has only ever built me up, he has never torn me down, never.  Even in anger, there are lines he never crosses, hurtful things he never says, never.  He has never caused me to mistrust or doubt his love, never.  All very important Nevers.

I love my guy to the end.  Here’s to many more adventures, holding his hand.


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