I have been dealing with two bothersome little problems for some time, & I think I may have solved both today.

First problem: Saxon Math.  I kind of hate it.  Every since it arrived, it has been giving me the stink eye from its shelf.  It is saying to me I am awful & tedious, return me, return me, return me now…..

So I called my Sonlight advisor (who was incredibly friendly & helpful & actually taught all of her children at home, love!).  She patiently listened to all of my frets & gave me tons of info on math programs.  I now feel good about sending the Saxon back & getting Singapore 1st grade instead.  Check that one off the list.

Second problem: Shoes.  You know, there are some things that I expected would come with a big family.  I must drive a minivan, I must do lots & lots of laundry, I must yell to be heard, I must hide my candy, etc.  I am okay with all of that.  But it never occurred to me that I would have such ridiculous shoe issues!  Shoes plague me.  Six people, each with two to three pairs of shoes worn on a regular basis, & I am dealing with a mountain of shoes outside of my back door.  And if only my dear mother-in-law could resist buying more shoes for her diva grandchildren.  Seriously Linda, how many pink flip-flops does a girl need???

I am forever tripping over them, digging around for matches, trying to keep them organized.  It makes. me. insane.  So I bought this wire organizer shelf-thing & Dustin put it together for me.  It holds all of the shoes quite nicely & everyone has a shelf…a place for everything & everything in its place.  Hope it works.  It must work.

Isn’t it funny how we see these organizing gadgets (hangers or boxes or hooks or bins or what have you) in the store & we think This is it!  This is the thing that will solve all of my clutter problems!  That is exactly why Ikea is the most wonderful store on earth.  Walking thru Ikea brings me such calm, I feel as if a tidy nirvana is finally within my grasp.  Silly me.

Sometimes I get tired.  This week was a rough one as Paul hurt his back & was immobile for a few days.  Poor dear.  Just as he was on the mend, I started to really drag with this head cold.  Ugh.  Luckily, the Grandmas stepped in & have been a huge help with my little kids this week.  I can never really express how grateful I am for the help.  It takes a village.  I love my village.

I will end this very random post with some very random pictures.


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