The garden grows

Summer is upon us.  Now those good garden foods begin to arrive!

The gardens are lovely.  Each day, Paul brings home some just-picked goodness.  Fewer trips to the grocery.  Fruits & salads & veggies & our meals are so fresh!

Our city garden is about an eighth of an acre.  Paul makes great use of this space.  Blackberry, raspberry, peach, plum, pear, kiwi, nectarine, bing cherry, hazelnut, walnut, garlic, onion, pea, cilantro, lettuce, spinach, basil, cabbage, broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini, carrot, sweet potato, cucumber & even loofah.  They all grow here.

And, of course, the bees.  Eight hives at this spot.

Paul once kept all of the bees outside of the city.  But when he put bees into our garden, the effect was immediate & dramatic.  The bees benefit the garden, the garden benefits the bees, & they all benefit the Browns!  We have berries out the wazoo…& my little ones love to harvest.

Paul keeps another, smaller garden in his sister’s back yard.  Potato, corn, green bean, butternut squash, tomato, pepper, watermelon & the lovely lovely sunflower.

We also have a few raised beds in our own backyard, which must be kept fenced from the hens (they are such jerks, they will eat anything).  It is pretty amazing that Paul can grow so very much in such small spaces.  I imagine if he had ten acres & a tractor…he could feed the world!

Paul has always kept a garden.  He loves the work & finds peace in it.  Some folks go to church, Paul goes to the garden.  While my thumb is not green, I have always admired his knack for growing.  And as our family has grown, I have come to truly appreciate the value of our garden.

You see, our children consume an obscene amount of food.  No little birds over here, these Brown kids eat like grown men.  The grocery store is an expensive place.  And often it is not the ideal choice for our health or our conscience.  The practices involved in factory foods are…unsavory.  But if we were to purchase the foods that grow in our garden, it would cost a fortune.  This one-income family cannot always afford to buy food grown locally & organically, food that is unmodified & whole & safe.  Its simple really, if we cannot afford to buy it, we just grow it.

Our garden gives us full bellies & happy hearts!


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