Birthday season

What a big time the girls had camping last weekend.

My daughters have this amazing relationship.  Is it because they are identical twins, or simply compatible souls? I just don’t know.  It is a delight to watch them interact.  I struggle to find the words…gentle, comfortable, effortless.  Not to say that they never argue, of course they do.  But they share & compromise & show such empathy toward each other in a way that is…well, its unique.  As cliché as it may sound, they seem to perfectly compliment each other.

I never wished to be a mother of twins & yet I realize now that I am incredibly lucky to be just that.  Piper & Esther have only just begun to understand that they are twins & someday they will know just how lucky they are to have one another, forever.  Beautiful!

As the girls camped, Si went fishing with his dad & caught dinner for the family.

And decided that training wheels were no longer necessary.

We also celebrated two more birthdays this week.  Piper & Esther are four years old now.  Such lovely little ladies they are!

I really enjoyed making the girls’ dresses.  Now that the kids are older & less grabby messy, I should take more time to sew.  I’m not very good at it, but I do find joy in it.  The kids would wander in, watch me work for a bit, ask 100 questions (Si is desperate to take the whole machine apart & see how it all works), wander out again.

Peaceful, sitting at the sewing machine, my hands busy as I listen to the kids play outside.  Listen to the meandering make-believe games.  The occasional argument, they flare up quick & hot.  Just as quickly, they work it out, coming to a clumsy peace so that the game can continue.  And so it goes.  These days, I am less directly involved in their play.  Kind of bittersweet.

There was a time not so long ago, as I drowned in diapers & spit-up & a six-month sleep deficit, when I thought to myself…Someday it will be easier.  Well, that day is now.  And I celebrate these little kids, independent & fun-loving.  I celebrate the freedom!  But my heart does miss those babies.  Fat, squishy, slobbery babies.  I had babies everywhere & the cuteness was completely ridiculous!  Sigh…I had not allowed myself to get weepy over their birthday…until I wrote this paragraph.  Sniff.

My babies then…

My babies now (burrito style)…

Six birthdays in three months.  So ends another birthday season at the Browns!


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