Out back

Last week, Paul found this guy living in our backyard.

Pretty, isn’t he?  Not only pretty…but pretty huge.  Bigger than my hand.  He had fur, I mean real fur, like a gerbil.

Paul found this big fat cocoon hanging on our fence, brought it inside & put it into the tank with Dustin’s snake.  I had forgotten about it until Dustin came out of his room yesterday & announced, “It hatched.  And its huge.”

We googled him & discovered that he is a Polyphemus moth, one of the largest in Kentucky.  We took him outside, held him (gentle hands) briefly, & set him free.

He has only a few days to mate, before his life is over.  Hope he finds her.

Ever since our zoo visit last week, the girls have been playing ‘vampire bats’.

The animal changes from week to week.  But the game is the same…mommy & baby.  Mommy bat taking care of her baby bat.  Or mommy hen putting her baby chick to bed.  Or mommy fat tail scorpion reading to her baby fat tail scorpion (seriously).

We have this great little climbing tree in the backyard.  Si has always referred to it as his pine cone tree.  Si has been climbing it since he was just barely three.  The girls, recently, over the winter have learned to climb it.  We could not build or buy a more perfect backyard toy.  The kids have such fun up there.

But sometimes, they fall.

Talking to a friend the other day, we were at the park & I watched (cringing) as my kids navigated the playground equipment in a completely unsafe manor…going up the slide, over the tops of the tunnels, swinging on their bellies.  I said, “I know they are going to fall.  I know it.  But they have to climb.  Kids have to climb.”

Remember when it rained?  And rained.  And rained some more.

Well, at last the sun shines bright!

Giant bugs, dirty children, sunshine & sprinklers.  Making good use of the backyard.


2 thoughts on “Out back

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