The beauty all around

I am not sure how it is that I stumbled into this life of mine, but I am so happy to be here.  To wake up each day & know that I am in exactly the right place, with exactly the right people, doing exactly what I was meant to do.  Fulfilled.

Have you noticed the bit of rain?  If this were 2006 I would be suffering the rain.  But, over the past few years we have worked to resolve our home’s numerous water issues & now we breathe a sigh of relief!  This year, the basement is dry & the backyard is not a pond, nice.

We enjoy the rain!  The sound of a soft rain thru an open window.  Waking to rumbles of thunder in the night, snuggle closer & drift back to sleep.  Muck boots & rain coats & mud puddles.  Rushing outside to play before the next storm comes, & everything smells so clean & new, the leaves glow with life.  Silas, glad that Dad can’t cut the grass because, as he explains to me,  tall grass is much  better for hide & seek.  The girls, making rainwater stew with pine cones & rocks & a pinch of sand (Piper:  No, Esther, it needs a black rock.  Brown rocks taste yuck!).

Creating.  Will my daughters ever tire of making flowers??

Creating.  Silas needs more legos.

Had a house guest over the weekend.  My sister’s crazy cute puppy Forney came to stay with us.

He is itty bitty & sweet as sugar & I could just eat him up!!  Now I really love Forney but there is another member of the family who was even more smitten.

Ponder never left Forney’s side.  Such cuteness.  Alas, Ponder’s intentions were not pure.  Awkward.  Which led the kids & I into a whole discussion about gay marriage.  Good teaching moment.

Speaking of teaching, took the plunge & ordered a real bona-fide curriculum for kindergarten.  Up to this point, I have just pieced together our preschool stuff.  But that is time-consuming, so I have planned to use a curriculum for kindy.  I felt nervous as I ordered it!  Silly, but you know I often have these freak out moments when I think, Kaye, what the hell are you doing?  Send your kids to school before you ruin them!

But I got over that & now I am just super excited!  I did a lot of research & went with Sonlight & I think it will be a good fit.  I hope.  Honestly, I won’t know until we start in the fall.  But I do love the idea of having the whole year planned out for me.  Relief.  Also, so glad my dear friend decided to teach her littles at home as well, so that I have someone to endlessly discuss curriculum with.  Homeschool moms love to talk curriculum!

Just very grateful for these silly beautiful memories that we are making, I do so appreciate this life.


One thought on “The beauty all around

  1. What dear friend? Do I know her?

    Those little fluff ball doggies sure are cute. If the kids come my way, they will think Blaze is a monster,or perhaps a horse to ride!!

    Proud of you, darlin’! You’re doing a marvelous job!

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