First, gather many eggs.

Carefully poke a hole into each end of an egg.  We use an ice pick.  A tiny hole in one end & a bigger hole in the other, about half an inch.

Then blow!

And blow!

And blow!

Rinse the eggs & allow to dry.  Next, fill the eggs with birdseed.  We use a little funnel, or spoon, or fingers…mostly fingers.

Oh, & by the way, it is not a good idea to let the chickens out when working on a birdseed craft.  Very cute, Paul.

Next, patch the larger hole in each egg.  I use our small circle labels, I suppose any sticker or just tape would work.

Finally, a little flair.

And you have a basket full of birdseed bombs!  Smash away!

We work on this over several days before Easter.  This year, the kids did every part of the project themselves, with very few casualties.  I think we had 6 or 7 broken eggs & finished exactly three dozen!   I have such fun with this every year!


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