Springtime musings

We love springtime.

Paul has been busy splitting plants & bees.

Every spring, Paul goes hunting for morels.  Nom.

Know where he found these?  I’ll never tell!

We also love Easter.  My family really embraces the pagan side of this holiday…love the awakening, blooming, new life emerging all around us.  How could you not celebrate springtime & baby birds & fresh new beginnings & warm sunshine?  It also inspires us to make lots of fun springy crafts.

We are saving up eggs to blow out for Easter.  We do this every year & its super fun!  I would like to blow out three dozen this year.  But if my assistants keep dropping eggs…

No worry, the girls are laying like crazy.  Even with our smaller workforce we should be fine.  See, I actually gave two of our hens away, Sick & one of the Pinkies have a new home.  Only because I felt that eight was just too much for our yard.  Six seems to be a perfect fit.

Notice the brown eggs?

They are wooden.  When the hens first began to lay, they were dropping eggs all over in the most random places.  Everywhere except the nesting boxes!  So Paul made a few wooden eggs & placed them in the boxes.  Worked like a charm!  Other than the occasional blue egg under the feeder, eggs are now deposited in the proper location!  Oh simple simple lovely chickens.


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