Just enjoy the ride

Allow me to share a few recent events that have made me realize that, well….I am not quite so young anymore.

1.  I rented Jackass 3 & couldn’t even finish watching it because it was so stupid.  (I used to love those guys, what happened??)

2.  I did the ‘easy’ practice on my yoga dvd so that my five-year old could join me…& still managed to pull something in my back.  Ow.

3.  I took my teenage son & a few of his friends camping & they pretty much ignored me the entire time.  Which didn’t really bother me because I had no idea what the hell they were talking about anyway.

4.  And finally, my dear husband celebrated his fortieth birthday!  (How is it that Paul’s birthday makes me feel old?)

Oh well, time passes.  We grow older.  What can I do but enjoy the ride!


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