My first

Dustin & I went camping last weekend, our first camping trip of the year & it was lovely.  We got rained out on Friday night, but quitters we are not, so we tried again on Saturday & the weather was perfect.  And we enjoyed a big fat full moon!

I am no longer up to my elbows in Dustin’s daily care.  Unlike my other children, he can pour his own juice & wipe his own bum!  He even does his own laundry…on occasion.  He will soon be seventeen years old.  Wow, Seventeen.  My first baby, he made me a Mom.  He is so vastly different from myself at that age, & I am grateful for it.  He is not all teen angst & rebellion.  He is…just a nice guy!  Dustin has always been a good soul.

He was my only child for twelve years.  My relationship with him will always be so very unique because we had that time together, just the two of us.  I felt a ton of guilt when the babies were born as it was a huge change to our family dynamic.  He went from my only child to one of four in such a short span of time.  He could have been resentful over his own loss.  Instead, he was always a helping hand (He seemed to pity me & my utter exhaustion at the time!).  He showed true grace thru that difficult time.

Dustin is kind & clever.  He shares my religious views & my dark sense of humor.  He is ever so much more patient & even-keeled than I.  He is honest & I trust him to make good choices when I am not by his side.  And I know that, at this age, he is faced with so many tough choices.

He is learning to drive.  Soon, he will get a job.  College is right around the corner.  And then, he will begin his own journey.  We all know that our children will grow up someday.  But at this age, it becomes a reality!  His life is becoming his & his alone.  While I do miss that little boy, I am so delighted by the man who is emerging today.


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