Less is good

Busy week.  Much accomplished.  Feels good!

We worked hard & played hard.  We visited with old friends here at home & met new friends out at the park.  We took a break from school work this week as I set about deep cleaning the house.  Didn’t finish the downstairs, but I kicked the hell out of the upstairs dirt.

As I spent basically one whole day cleaning out our big master closet, I kept thinking…Why do we have so much STUFF??  I removed four big garbage bags full of old clothes, extra pillows, bags & shoes, & random miscellaneous unused nonsense stuff that finds its way into closets.  I sometimes fear that I will drown in stuff.

We are a big family by today’s standard.  Six people & their accessories can fill a space quickly.  Things are always coming into the house, but it seems more difficult to get things out.  I long for a simple home with open spaces.  I believe that a simple home is a peaceful home.  But it is a process.  Something that I must work at each day.  Such a spoiled world that we live in where simple living is so difficult!

I have always been something of a minimalist.  I have never been one for collecting & I’m not often sentimental over objects.  It seems as if things can take over & become a lot of work.  Much time can be wasted cleaning, maintaining, moving, storing….things.  As my family has grown larger, I feel a stronger desire to have less.  I do not want clutter to rob me of my time & my peace.

So I will continue on my path toward less.

My Rules:

Everything that we own should provide a service for our family or bring us joy.

We should not keep something around in the hope that we might find a use for it someday.

Most importantly, we must try to consume less.  If unnecessary things never find their way into my house, then I will never be burdened with getting rid of them.

Simple enough.

Anyhow, just because we took a break from seat work this week does not mean that the learning stopped.  Of course not.  Esther wrote her name.  (Love her expression!)

After much face scrunching, Piper learned to wink.

Si has been trying to teach himself to whistle for some time & this week…he got it!  But now he never stops whistling…ever…ever.  I’m going kind of insane with it.

Tomorrow…we camp!


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