A day

Today was just a day, nothing special or remarkable.  A day that would probably be forgotten, except that it was exactly the kind of perfect day that should be remembered.

Last night, I felt like all kinds of crap, feverish, sure that I was coming down with something.  Paul, being oh so kind, sent me off to bed after dinner.  I curled up & watched Benjamin Button.  That movie makes me sob like an idiot every single time I watch it, I love it. I slept for twelve hours & woke up healthy & ready to seize the day.

This beautiful day, we just had to be outdoors, so we headed to Central Park.

We rode bikes.

And climbed…everything.

Guess who found this?

Back at home, as the kids napped, I got started on spring cleaning.  These first warm days, when I can open the doors & windows & let the house breathe, & sweep out the winter.  Wonderful.  I plan to clean all week.  This sounds tedious, but it is therapeutic.  I love a clean house.  When my house is dirty & cluttered, it clutters up my head as well.  Now, this might lead you to believe that I actually keep a clean house.  Most often, I do not.  I have four kids.  But this week…I will have a clean house!

We spent the rest of our day in the backyard.

In the evening, everyone helped to build the fire.

Tonight, they fell asleep quickly, the kind of wind-in-your-cheeks tired you only get from a day spent outside.

I spent the evening catching up on emails, which I am so bad about.  It’s not that I have nothing to say, it’s the opposite.  I have too much to say.  I am very bad at editing.  My friend Dianna knows so well, she is forced to wade thru novels from me!  Guess that’s why I am no good at Facebook, with the clever one-liners & all.

So this day ends quietly.  This perfect day.  Slow.  Simple.  This kind of day is what it’s all about.  Mustn’t let this one be forgotten.


One thought on “A day

  1. I savor all of your long novellas …. it’s like having a lengthy phone conversation with you, without the interruptions!

    You just keep writing them, girl!

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