Never mind your calendar

Spring Has Arrived!!  So say my allergies & my hens.

We have seen an egg explosion from the girls this week, eight eggs per day for the past few days.

We actually did get eggs all winter!  The Barred Rocks & Rhode Island Reds continued to lay, & we got about three or four eggs per week thru the winter.  The Easter Eggers completely stopped laying as soon as the weather turned cold, & we didn’t see a blue egg until a couple of weeks ago.

I have read that many people light their coops during the winter months, to mimic longer days & encourage more production.  But we hesitate to do that, as it would seem to disrupt their natural rhythm, no?  The Easter Eggers stopped laying for a reason, they are not as cold hardy, & I feel that forcing it would stress our hens.

All eight hens wintered well & are looking plump & healthy this spring.  They are desperate to get out into our backyard & devour the fragile little baby grasses that are trying to grow!  Aack!  We will have to keep those jerks locked up for a while until the yard gets established.

Paul & the kids have started many seeds inside.

Our garden is not only an affordable & healthy way to feed our family, but it is also a school in itself, a huge learning opportunity for the kids.  Si is fascinated with the cycle of life & death & is ever excited to work next to his dad in the garden, hands in dirt.

I am so glad that Paul takes the time to include the kids in every detail of planting, caring for, & harvesting our food.  Even the less lovely side, like killing & preparing fish or birds.  We hope to instill a true appreciation for the work, as well as reverence for the animals who become our food.  Important stuff.

Dry, itchy, sandpaper eyes.  Red, raw, stuffy, drippy nose.  Every March I suffer these crazy allergies.  I sneeze & snuffle & cough & whine & moan, my mood is sour & my temper is short.  Ugh.

I worked outdoors as a land surveyor for many years, no allergies.  Spent much time in my twenties hiking & camping, no allergies.  I moved to Old Louisville in 2005, & developed springtime allergies!  There is some evil blooming thing in my neighborhood that is attacking me.

I have tried many different remedies, but no relief.  Tried local honey, of course, my husband is a beekeeper!  No relief.  Paul got me a neti pot.  I am kind of grossed out by it & kind of afraid of drowning myself, but I suppose I will give it a try when I get desperate.  Okay, that is quite enough allergy talk, yuck.

In other news, not spring related, Silas has a real knack for numbers.  He takes after Paul in that respect, as I am more of a word girl.  He loves to add & subtract, & just learned to add columns.  Proud of him.

He is all about the universe right now, so we will follow this interest & see where it leads us.  It is difficult to explain the vastness of space to little ones, but Si told me last night that he loves me as big as the Milky Way, so he obviously gets it.  Ha! We will soon build a solar system model, big fun!

As the days grow longer, we will certainly fill them with learning, growing, making, & lots of play!  Welcome, lovely springtime.


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