EarthyBrowns news

EarthyBrowns has moved!  Actually, we made a couple of big moves recently.

First, we had to move our commercial kitchen location.  You see, to legally sell cosmetic products to the public, a business must manufacture those products in a state-certified commercial kitchen.  In searching for kitchen space to rent, it was important to us that we partner with a locally owned business.

We originally teamed up with Amazing Grace Whole Foods.  If you are familiar with the Highlands, you know that this great little business has been selling & promoting natural products in the neighborhood for many years. This is exactly the type of business that our family loves to support.  They were kind enough to allow us to use their space, & all was good.  Well, sadly, Amazing Grace had to close its doors this year.  The neighborhood lost a great resource & we lost our kitchen.

We set about finding a new location, & were thrilled to find that the historic Conrad-Caldwell House museum in our own neighborhood of Old Louisville had space available.  We are so happy to have a kitchen within walking distance of our home! And we are excited to support such an important local landmark.  If you have never visited Conrad-Caldwell House, I encourage you to check it out!  It is a wonderful example of the architecture & history of Old Louisville.

Our other move came about as we were invited to join a new farmers market in the Highlands, the Douglas Loop Farmers Market.  Last year, we were so fortunate to be a part of the St Matthews Farmers Market, & I cannot say enough wonderful things about that experience.  We had a great summer & met so many kind people.  We were grateful for the booth space & fully expected to participate again this year.  But when this opportunity presented itself, we had to choose.  To commit to two Saturday markets would put us in a childcare bind, & we have always kept our little ones with family.

So, we made the choice to leave St Matthews & move to Douglas Loop!  St Matthews is such a great market & we will surely miss it.  But we are very excited about this new adventure, & hope to make a big success of this market!  The Highlands is a great neighborhood to find all things local & handcrafted.  So come on out & show your support this spring & summer.  The market begins on April 16th, & we will be there every Saturday from 10am til 2pm.  Hope to see you there!

This is an exciting time for EarthyBrowns!  With our business growing, we feel lucky each & every day to be able to do what we love & to love what we do.  To provide for our own family by creating things that are real & good for people who care about what they consume.

I am ever grateful to our customers for your choice in supporting us.  Thank you so much!


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