New life

I would like for this to be a happy place.  As there is much happiness in my daily work.  And it is good & important to recognize that.  But I write here about my life.  And life is not always happy.

My family has suffered much over the past few weeks.  We have lost loved ones.  Not the ending of long full lives, as it should be.  But lives ended too soon, tragically.  I can find no meaning in these losses, no lessons.  They were pointless & painful.  They left behind raw, open wounds.  I have no idea how to heal these wounds.  Maybe time will heal.  I just do not know.

Last week, as this great storm was raging over my family, I went to visit my dear friend & her two (that’s right, two!) brand new baby boys.  As I sat with her & these tiny new lives, as I witnessed the gentle & perfect love between a mother & her newborn child, I was in the eye of the storm.

I knew what awaited me outside.  I knew that the storm was not over.  But in that place, at that moment, I was safe from the pain & sadness.  I felt only joy for her family, & for these babies whose life was new.  They have a new life, with all of the amazing potential that comes with that.

My friend probably had no idea how comforted I was by our time together that day.  She provided me shelter from my storm.  I am so grateful.  As dark as these days have been, I still see light & beauty & life all around me.  It is still there.


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