I do not love caves.  It is a hole in the ground & makes me feel smothered.  I would prefer to be on top of the mountain, not beneath it.  Paul actually likes caves.  He once did that tour at Mammoth Cave where you must wiggle on your belly like an insect thru places where, in my opinion, people have no business.  I don’t get it, but to each his own.

Being the self-sacrificing mother that I am (snark), & in the interest of new life experience, I took the little kids on a cave tour at Squire Boone caverns.  I was debating between Squire Boone & Marengo, but Squire Boone allows ages five & under for FREE & a FREE lesson plan on their website, so Squire Boone won out.

Before we went, we learned a bit about caves & rock formations.  When I asked the kids if they knew what a cave was, they quickly replied, “It’s where bears live!”  So, after convincing them that there were no bears in Squire Boone Caverns, we set out.

The tour began in the gift shop.  Don’t you just love that??  Please mom, please will you buy us this plastic crap??  No, no I will not.

There were many, many stairs.

The kids were delighted by the sights.

Our tour guide, Jordan, was very kind & informative.  (He should get veritas on the other hand, don’t you think?)

The main attraction in the cave was the waterfall.  Unfortunately, it was the kids’ least favorite part.  It was loud.  We did not linger there for long.

It wasn’t until the tour was nearing its end, when Esther realized that we were actually under the ground.  That blew her mind.

At the end of the tour, the guide asked the kids if they had any questions.  Silas had a few.  First, could he please open the coffin & see Squire Boone’s bones?  Second, he wanted to know why they built this cave right under the gift shop.  And last, he wondered if, when he used the potty up in the gift shop & flushed, did it wash down into the cave waterfall?  Hehehehe…

The cave tour was a huge success!  New life experience…check.


2 thoughts on “Spelunk

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