Sacred earth

One of my very favorite places on this earth is a little piece of land out in Oldham county.  Just a few acres, wooded, a couple of steep hills & a little creek running thru.  It is a half hour drive from the city & it is a world away from worries, bills, unfinished projects & the general bustle & bother of life.

Paul bought the land in Oldham county about 14 years ago.  It was a steal.  It sits at the dead-end of gravel roads.  It is not ideal for building.  Very little flat ground & the flat areas occasionally flood.  I shudder to imagine actually living out there.  How do people live so far from everything??  We have no plans to ever build on or live on that land.  We camp on it.  And the Browns do love to camp!

Dustin grew up camping on our land.  He was four years old the first time I took him out.  I cannot count the times we have been camping out there, the two of us.  Wonderful memories.  As a little kid, he was thrilled to go.  As a pre-teen, he was too good for such things.  As a teenager, he has come back to his love of hiking & camping.  He used to gather small sticks to help me start the fire; now he starts the fire.  We have had our best talks around that fire, & how I cherish those talks.

I have enjoyed a lot of time alone on our land.  I need silence & time alone from time to time, & I love camping alone.  I think this might be kind of weird, but I have always been this way.  I just enjoy my own company.  People would often comment on how scary it must be to camp alone, but I was never afraid.  I always had our super awesome dog, Barley, along & he took his security detail very seriously.

Really, would you mess with this vicious beast?

Well Barley died about five years ago, & these days I have this guy protecting me.

So I don’t camp alone quite as often anymore.  I love Ponder, but he is good for lap snuggles, not guard duty.  Looking forward to getting a real dog again!

My little kids are camping more often now.  Last fall, we took them all together for the first time.  It was so much work…& so totally worth it!  Watching them discover & explore this place that I have known & loved for so many years.  Amazing.

Silas is the same age now that Dustin was when he first camped long ago.  I notice how different their experiences are.  While Dustin was always most content next to the fire, Silas is forever running & climbing.  Dustin would take quiet walks thru the woods, watching & listening.  Silas charges down the trail, stomping & yelling all the way.

As March creeps ever closer & the kids’ projects begin to take on a springtime theme (they are making lots rainbows & flowers lately!) & my Easter Eggers begin to lay again, I find myself craving the land.  The weather will soon allow a camping trip.  We are so ready.


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