A good run

Our family recently said goodbye to an old friend.

Paul’s truck finally died its final death.  Paul is a little sad.  He was pretty attached to that truck.  He spent the last fourteen years beating the hell out of the poor thing, & it served him well.

That truck was only the second vehicle that Paul has ever owned!  As someone who has gone thru almost a dozen cars, I find that kind of amazing.  He got his first car in high school, & was still driving it when I met him eight years later.  He drove that car to the junk yard, & got the truck which he has also driven to its end.  Paul is loyal.

The truck carried us to oh so many Phish shows & camping trips.  Delivered ice every summer at the family reunion.  Carried countless loads to the dump & from the hardware store.  Firewood from our land to our home.  Lumber & mulch & rock & furniture & tools.  It helped relocate family & friends & moved us into our new home.  Paul built his business & provided for our family with that truck.

He always loaded it well beyond the weight limit.  He rarely washed it.  It was gross & smelly inside & I never drove it, not once.  Considering the abuse it endured, the truck lasted longer than it should have.  It was a good run.  He sold it for parts, so I suppose it will live on, as an organ donor of sorts.

Odd how a thing can hold so much meaning.  A red Toyota truck, like so many thousands of others.  Just a thing.  But a thing that is woven into so many of our memories.


Change happens.  For now we are a one car family.  I actually really like the idea of owning only one car.  It is better for our earth & saves us money.  In theory, this should work for us right now.  I do not work outside of the home & Paul is self-employed, therefore his schedule is pretty flexible.  In theory this should work.

But…I have had my very own car since I’m sixteen years old.  All these many years, even if I didn’t drive my car every day…I could drive it if I wanted to.  I never had to coordinate or schedule my driving!  At times I feel confined, stranded, stuck.  Change can be difficult.

Eventually, we will need another truck.  We cannot continue the renovation on our home without one.  Paul is not delivering lumber in the minivan!  But for now I think it is good for us to make our way with one car.  It is important to remember the difference between a want & a need.

Well, our eventual new truck will have some pretty big shoes to fill.


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