Piper asked me the other day, “Mom, when is going to stop wintering outside?”


Concern for my dear friends & family who are climbing mountains right now, combined with the usual mid-winter blahs…has left me feeling rather uninspired lately.

But my little ones have no patience for the uninspired.  They do not worry much beyond what they can see & touch.  In an adult, I guess we would call this self-centered, no?  But in kids…it is beautiful innocence!

Even if I do not feel like it, the making & learning must go on.  I have found that where my hands go, my heart will follow.  If I’m feeling irritable & touched out, I should just wrestle & tickle & snuggle those kids.  If I’m dragging & unmotivated, we should just turn the music up loud & dance til we’re sweaty & dizzy.  (Silas loves Primus, loud.  Really loud.)  If my mind feels dull & numb, I should start some project that makes me think.  Gets me back on track.  It works.

So on we go.

We took a trip to the Newport Aquarium, it was fabulous fun.  Try to imagine the cuteness of my little kids running to & fro among the fish, their faces aglow with wonder & excitement.  Try to imagine this, because I forgot the camera.

We take advantage of the aquarium’s Family Days each winter, when we can get our kids in free, otherwise it would be terribly expensive for us.  Too expensive to be worth it, honestly.  It was really interesting to compare this year’s experience to last year’s.  Last year was fun, but this year was fun & educational.  Silas especially was interested to hear what the signs had to tell about the fish at each exhibit.  We saw several animals that we had discussed in our own studies at home & he was quick to make the connections.  Love it.

We did our own pre-school version of quilling.  I let the kids use emery boards instead of needles.  The flat, rough surface made it easier for little fingers to keep control of the paper.  They really enjoyed this project, so I might look into a quilling kit for beginners.  I appreciate the focus & dexterity this teaches, good learning!

Has this winter been extra wet??  I love all of the snows, but it has been so very damp, that we just haven’t gotten to be outside as much as we need.  Sometimes, you just have to be messy.  If we can’t go out, we must be messy inside.

Hoping things dry up a bit, so that we can do some exploring outdoors next week.  Also looking into a cave tour…that will be something brand new to my little people!

This season will not last forever.  We can continue to keep ourselves busy & inspired inside as the world is wintering outside!


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