Not fair

It is not fair when bad things happen to good people.  Pretty obvious statement.  Its something we all say from time to time.  We hear of some misfortune or tragedy that falls upon an acquaintance or friend of a friend & we think, That sucks.  It’s just not fair.  They do not deserve that.

But then a bad thing happens to MY good people, it really hits home, & I think how really incredibly totally unfair it is.  It should not be.  In my perfect world, those that I love would not suffer…ever.

And I cannot fix it.  I can only wish or hope or send those good vibes…but I cannot make it right & I cannot carry the burden.  It is not fair.

I have only an ear & a shoulder to lend.  I can hope that they know that as I go thru the motions of the day, my heart weighs heavy with concern & love. That I think of little else but their story & how much I want & need for everything to be good & well & whole in their lives.  Because they are loved, so much.

It is so little.  It changes nothing.  It is all I have to offer.  It is not fair.


2 thoughts on “Not fair

  1. Spent the evening with amazing girl friends, under very sad circumstances, so this post hits home with me this morning.

    Love you, and being there helps, so very much more than we realize.

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