It’s mid January & what shall we do?  Go swim!!

Last winter, Silas took a swim class at UofL.  We loved it!  It is five minutes from our house, very affordable & they have a great facility.  The beginner class is for ages three & up, so I thought we would sign the girls up with Si this year.

I will admit, I was unsure as to how the girls’ first class would play out.  You just never know with these little girls of mine; sometimes bold & sometimes shy.  Esther has been hesitant in new situations lately & I thought she might just watch the first class.  But I should never underestimate them!  No hesitation, they hopped right in.  Big smiles the entire class, they were loving it!

No worries over Silas, he is the owner of the world.  A thing that I really admire in Silas is just how much passion he has for everything that he does.  That kid knows how to live.

So swimming lessons are a huge hit & a perfect way to burn off some of that winter energy.  Can’t wait til next week!

These structured type classes are a new thing for the kids.  Swimming last year for Si & he also did a one week day camp at the Louisville Nature Center over the summer.  That is all that we have done so far.  But I’m thinking its time to spread our wings a little bit.

I am considering a gymnastics class for Silas.  That is definitely his scene.  Maybe a dance class for the girls as they do like to shake their booties (Oh lord, the cuteness! Can you imagine??).  It would be easier on me, logistically, if I put them all into something together, but Silas enjoys having is own thing.  I will give it some thought…suggestions welcome!

I am having some big fun these days as my babies become kids.  The world is our playground now.  We can go anywhere & do anything!

Some pictures of swims past…


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