Goodnight babies

Okay guys, its sleepy time, let’s do this.

Si, will you go & get everyone’s toothbrushes ready?  Thanks.  Piper, come & help me get everyone’s pajamas, please.  You want your new heart pj’s?  Okay.  Hmm, I can’t find the top, only the bottoms.  You will have to wear the tinkerbell top.  Piper, I’m sorry, I can’t find the top.  Tinkerbell is nice, just wear tinkerbell.  Really, I think it looks fine.  Listen Piper, you are wearing the tinkerbell top tonight.  Put your pj’s on…now.  Esther, here are your pj’s.  You want green socks to match?  Okay.  Hmm, I can’t find any green socks.  They must be dirty.  Here are blue socks.  Esther, we are not getting the green socks out of the basket, they are dirty.  After I wash them, you can wear them.  Blue looks nice.  Whining will never get you what you want.  Esther, you are not getting green socks tonight.  Just put these blue socks on…now.  Si, did you brush your teeth & potty?  Good.  Get your pj’s on.  You want Hulk pj’s instead?  Okay, go & get them.  That word says ‘smash’.  Yes, sss.  ‘S’ for ‘smash’.  This one…you can do it.  Sound it out.  The ‘H’ says hhh.  Right! Hulk!  Good job!  Piper, did you brush your teeth & potty?  Good.  Pick which baby you want to sleep with.  Esther & Silas…stop running!  Its time to calm down.  Its bedtime.  Esther, go brush your teeth & potty please.  Hurry.  It’s your turn to pick the story.  Si, pick which baby you want to sleep with.  Did you find your story, Esther?  Well, which one are you looking for?  Oh yeah, I saw it in the living room, try looking there.  Find it? Great.  Now pick which baby you want to sleep with.  Silas…stop running now!!  What’s wrong Piper?  Can’t find your baby?  Who are you looking for?  ‘Dog named Cat’?  I saw him behind your bed.  Find him? Great.  No, I am not putting clothes on ‘Dog named Cat’.  He will not get cold, just cover him up.  Fine, he can wear the hat.  Yes, he looks beautiful.  Stop jumping now everyone, its time to settle down.  Okay everyone sit quietly if you want a story.  I will not read the story unless you sit quietly.  (Tonight’s selection – The Giving Tree) Okay guys, its lights out.  Goodnight Esther.  I love you.  No more talking guys.  Quiet!  Goodnight, Si.  I love you.  Let’s be still & quiet, everyone.  Goodnight, Piper.  I love you.  Quiet everyone.  Goodnight babies.  I love you.


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