Little bear

She is my youngest child.  Well, two minutes younger than her sister.  As a baby, she was feisty & fearless, quick to smile, a daddy’s girl.  I don’t know why I or when I first called her Esther-bear, but it stuck.  She is our Esther-bear.

Anyone who knows our Esther knows that she is very affectionate.  At times, she has smothered her sister with love…umm…literally smothered…

She is growing up now.  Three years old.  Like all little ones, she is figuring out who she is.  Her temper is still quick (oh boy, is it ever!), but she is no longer fearless.  She is cautious & sensitive.  She does not like the music too loud, cold wind on her cheeks, & was certainly not about sitting on Santa’s lap this year.  She needs lots of hugs & snuggles.  She needs lots & lots of love right now.

As Esther goes thru this ‘needy’ phase, she has attached herself to me like glue!  If I’m walking, she is following.  If I’m sitting, she’s on my lap.  If I’m sleeping, she is…

When they were younger, Piper was very attached to me  & I spent much more time comforting her & meeting her needs.  Esther was more independent & was easily comforted by Paul.  I never felt like I knew Esther as well as I knew Piper.  Piper is now much more independent.  And because Esther is so attached to me at the moment, I feel like I am making up for lost time with her.  Interesting!

I don’t mind this newly attached Esther at all.  Yes, it is exhausting at times.  But, I have learned that these moments are fleeting.  Soon enough, if I have done my work properly, she will not need me.  So I try to really cherish these times of mothering, before she takes flight.

Love my Esther-bear!


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