Get out or go crazy.  As a stay-at-home mom of young children, those are words that I live by.  It is very important for our mood & our rhythm (& my patience!) that we spend plenty of time out of the house.  More importantly, that we spend time outdoors.  Fresh air, sunshine & clouds, dirt & grass & bugs.  Our souls need it!

Getting out is easy in the warmer months; we have a great little backyard & our neighborhood of Old Louisville has a beautiful park within walking distance.  When we need to burn energy, we can pop outside at any time.  But winter is a challenge.  Yes, we can go to an indoor play place like Puzzles Fun Dome.  And sometimes we do, and its fun, but it just doesn’t compare to getting outside.  So we bundle up.

It is rarely too wet or too cold to go outside at least for a little while.  Layers & layers…that’s the key.  We bundle up in our many layers, put on our muck boots, pack a lunch & go.

One of my absolute favorite places to take my little kids to are the Falls.  There is no other local place that offers such diversity in landscape & so many wonderful things to discover.  Its minutes away from us!

Trails to hike.

Beach to explore.

Rocks & trees to climb.

Of course, fossils to discover.

Life everywhere.

The last time we went to the Falls, the water was higher than ever.  Watching the waves crash, the kids were amazed by the violence of the water as compared to our other visits.

We have visited this place so many times, yet it is always new & magical to my earthy little kids.  The landscape is ever changing, so we always find a new area to explore.  We love the Falls, even in January!


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