Let’s talk soap

Well, that last post was no fun at all.  Okay, the Browns are back in good health & its a brand new beautiful year, so…let’s talk soap!

If you are reading this blog, chances are you have tried EarthyBrowns soaps or another of our wonderful products.  And if you haven’t tried EarthyBrowns, what are you waiting for?  Give us a try!  All 100% natural goodness, made by my husband’s very own talented hands.

We are so very proud of & excited about our little business, which started out as Paul doing what he does best…being self-sufficient.  He loves to make for our family; he grows for us, he cooks for us, he builds for us.

Last year, we thought it might be fun to sell some of the soaps that Paul made for our family at local art & craft shows.  Thanks to our dear friend, Sue, we were able to sell our products at the St Matthews Farmers Market over the summer.  We were so well-received, that we just decided to roll with it & EarthyBrowns has been growing ever since!

We really believe in what we are selling.  We believe that regular people should be able to use all natural products.  To that end, Paul is forever researching to find pure & real ingredients at affordable prices.  We will never compromise;  we will never use fillers or synthetic ingredients (including fragrance).  Promise!

A wonderful thing about selling our natural products to the community…is the community itself!  We have met the most wonderful people at the shows.  It is lovely to be a part of a community that shares our passions.  Paul especially has found so many kind & like-minded people to talk shop with, he loves it!  Reminds me of the old Blind Melon video, No Rain, when the little bumblebee girl finds a field full of bumblebee people to dance with!

So, in 2011, we bring EarthyBrowns to the masses!  We are now available at shops all around the Louisville area.  Soon, our entire line will be available at Amazing Grace Whole Foods in the Highlands.  We will back at the St Matthews Farmers Market this spring, & plan to do even more shows this year.  Exciting!

We love love love to hear from you!  I would like to invite our customers to give us a little feedback here at EarthyBrowns.  What do you love about our products?  What would you like to see us change?  Any new products or scents you would like for us to offer?  How about the website?  Do you love it, hate it?  We work for you!  So give it to us straight folks…

Thanks to all who have supported & encouraged our journey thus far.  We love what we do & we could not do it without you!


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk soap

  1. I wa so very lucky to run into your booth at the Christmas show!! My granddaughter had recently become a victim of some wicked dry skin that the Dr said was to be relieved by some “dermatologist” recommended soap..the poor baby became inflamed worse and cried from the reaction!..Luckily I was able to chat with you for a few minutes and I purchased your Olive Oil Castile soap…I am so happy, within a few days (week at most) her skin is baby soft agin-no bumps, outbreaks or crying cause she is itching!! I have placed an order today for two more bars of this wonderful soap (need to take one to the babysitters house)..Thank you for bringing your wonderful products to the public!

    • Thanks Sandra!
      As a mother, this story really touches me. My daughters have sensitive skin & I was also given dermatologist recommended products to help them. Same story.
      The first soap my husband ever made was Castile…for our own babies. We haven’t looked back!
      So happy to hear from you.
      Thanks again,

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