Like dominoes…

That’s how we fell this week.  Like dominoes…

First fell Paul.

Next fell Silas.

Then my Esther-bear.

We thought that Piper might not fall, but alas, she had very little appetite at dinner tonight & began to run a fever before bed.  Wait & see.

Dustin seems okay so far.  He claims that he will not fall ill because his immune system is a beast.  Maybe so, but it is also true that he has rarely left his room since he got the PS3 for Christmas.  Self-imposed quarantine or serious video game addiction, hmm?

This flu has stolen my Christmas joy.  It hurts, physically hurts, to watch my babies suffering.  Silas was especially sick, so very very sick.  If only I could take it from him, fix it with a kiss or a spiderman band-aid.

We will muddle thru.  Pears & crackers & water & lots & lots of sleep & Disney movies & warm blankies & cool baths & vapor rub & snuggles & ’tissue please!’ & load after load after load of laundry…& soon it will be over.

And then we will play again.

I think that this final picture pretty much sums up the mood around here this week…


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